Meet the Team

Sean and Erin Weeks – The Owners

Sean started Inland Cider Mill (ICM) with his church life group while he was producing his Thomas Clare Cellars Wine. His true passion for making wine made it easy to transition into making cider.

The magic that makes ICM is the love that radiates from Sean.  He makes the effort to get to know each and every customer who comes through the door at the winery/cidery.  This energy was intoxicating and drew in more members, which lead to the expansion of the new location of the Taphouse. 

Sean and his wife Erin have two children and are the sole owners of both Thomas Clare Cellars and Inland Cider Mill.



Andrew VanGrimbergen – Tap House Manager

Andrew is the Tap House Manager and makes sure we all stay focused on keeping things running smoothly. His passion for craft beer and cider throughout Spokane is an integral part of our team.  A long time friend of Sean’s, and a natural fit behind the bar, Andrew is the perfect person to manage the Tap House.  He is motivated to continue on Sean’s dream and mission of ICM.


Scott and Christine McKinney – Mixologist Team Lead

Christine and Scott are the heart and soul of the Mixology Group at ICM. When you visit the Tap House you will remember Christine as the one who always remembers your name. She makes ICM feel like a home for everyone that walks through our doors.

Scott is the mixologist behind the flavors of ICM who leads our team with new and exciting flavors. He is always interested in feedback and new ideas from everyone at the Taphouse. The McKinney’s are all in when it comes to ICM and what this place stands for. They complete our happy cider family.

Inland Cider Team