Meet the Team

Sean and Erin Weeks – The Owners

Sean started Inland Cider Mill (ICM) with his church life group while he was producing his Thomas Clare Wine. His true passion for making wine made it easy to transition into making cider. It was originally named Rooted Cider, but the name was trade marked and had to be changed. 

The magic that makes ICM is the love that radiates from Sean.  He made the effort to get to know each and every customer who came through the door at the winery/cidery.  He would take the time to listen and actually cared about their wellbeing.  There was a magic that just started to happen and more and more people flocked to the warehouse.  A Mixology Group was formed and customers started having potlucks weekly and calling themselves “The Family.”  This energy was intoxicating and only drew people in more, which lead to the expansion of the new location of the Tap House. 

Sean and his wife Erin have two children and are the sole owners of both Thomas Clare Cellars and Inland Cider Mill.

Andrew VanGrimbergen – Tap House Manager

Andrew is the Tap House Manager and makes sure we all stay focused on keeping things running smoothly. His passion for craft beer and cider throughout Spokane is an integral part of our team.  He was a regular customer at the original location and asked to come on board to help serve when Sean needed assistance from time to time.  Andrew is a natural fit behind the bar. We knew he was the perfect person to manage the Tap House.  He is motivated to continue on Sean’s dream and mission of ICM.

Rachel Davis – Marketing/Events Manager

Rachel is a Retired Army Veteran and mother of four.  She graduated from Washington State University in 2003 and served as a Human Resources Officer until she was medically retired.  Rachel enjoys spending time with her children and dogs outside in the Inland Northwest area.  She loves to try new ciders from all around but is always drawn back to ICM.  Rachel loves to meet new people and thrives off bringing joy to others.  She is passionate about serving and promoting the vision of ICM being the “Friendliest Place in Town.”

Scott and Christine McKinney – Mixologist Team Lead

Christine and Scott are the heart and soul of the Mixology Group at ICM.  If you come into the Tap House you normally will see Christine behind the bar pouring ciders and always remembering your name.  She will invite you to come back again and attend the Thursday Night Potlucks.  She makes ICM feel like a home to all the genres in the world.

Scott is the not so silent mixologist behind the flavors at ICM.  Scott washes and cleans the kegs, comes up with the new flavors, and basically helps run the warehouse with Sean.  The McKinney’s are all in when it comes to ICM and what this place stands for. They have two daughters and you will often see them around the Tap House or the warehouse. They are one happy cider family

Inland Cider Team